Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nike Air Jordan V |

 Nike Air Jordan V x Air Force 1
The shoes Air Jordan V debuted for the first time in 1990.The Air Jordan has a clear rubber sole and a strap to hold down the shoe stable.According to rumors, Nike will release a pair of Nike Air Force Ones that comes with Nike Air Jordan inspired colors and materials.This hybrid is expected to be out next year. No information on price or release date so far.It is a good pair of shoes,Jordan basketball shoes. Designed by Hatfield, and like his other projects, was truly revolutionary.In addition,this Nike Air Jordan 5,which is the first time to model the foam elements upper.Some a shoe were the same as the Air Jordan 4,but 5 is the most distinctive feature is undoubtedly its thoughtful design and tongue.Perfect good-looking.Air Jordan shoes took five rubber materials,which can play high grip.In order to promote the sport shoes,cloth shoes,lightweight mesh on the side in use there was also another innovation: clear rubber soles.